Research Example

Innovation Strategy on Post-M&A Innovation Performance

Here's an example to utilize our system in the research, let's take a tour!

Given a real research topic (Chang & Wei, 2016) which focus on how innovation strategy influence post-M&A innovation performance, a research model is developed as the concept below:

Innovation Strategy Similarity

Post-M&A Innovation Performance

Acquire's Innovation Strategy

Like a lot of other research, this study applies patents to indicate innovation for firms. To focus on patent data, these 3 steps are required:

1. Collect patents from a Clean Data
  • Patents from official USPTO bulk data from 1976 - 2018.

  • The bulk data contains complete bibliographic information
    (title, classification, citations, etc.)


  • Robust data inspection and cleaning processes with a statistic-based and rule-based inspection.

  • Search and collect patent data with search engine dedicated for academic research Owlsome Patents.

2. Build Firm-patent Collections
  • Search patents by keywords, query scripts, or our unique Intelligent Assignee Search tool to build patent collections for research sample

  • The Intelligent Assignee Search System searches for the most possible firm-name varies by calculates the term similarity according to a given firm name query

  • The Import tool for users who already have sample data. Simply import a formatted data and let the system builds the collections automatically‚Äč

3. Compute Patent-related Indicators
  • Select indicators you need from indicator pool.

  • Read indicator information, including formula, explanation, and reference.

  • Modify the indicator by giving different arguments, build ideal indicators according to your research topic.

  • If you need a unique indicator and it's not found in the pool, we offer indicator customization service for FREE.